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About Us

Doshab is Eastern dessert with sweet and delicate taste, brewed up of the fruits of white mulberry (mulberry tree) with no sugar added, until it becomes as thick as honey, and a dark-colored mass.

Doshab is made according to ancient Armenian recipes, the process of creation of which the Armenians regard as to an important ritual and always put a piece of soul, love and diligence of the Armenian people.

Doshab is also made of grapes, apricot, pomegranate (pomegranate osharak / narsharab) and of other fruits as well. But doshab made of white mulberry fruits is considered to be the best of them by its taste and useful properties, which is also known as bekmes or pekmez.

Doshab, due to the simplicity of processing, retains in itself the majority of the beneficial properties of mulberry tree fruits and has got healing features. In national medicine doshab is used as a syrup for healing cough and as a natural antibiotic for helaing colds. The usefulness of mulberry doshab, a cough syrup, is tested and proven by the time.

Mulberry doshab is also used for culinary purposes in different ways: it is combined with bread, butter, is added to tea, in omelette, etc. In Armenia doshab is used as a flavoring for salads and meat courses, as well as a semi manufacture in production of desserts, halvah, sharotsa, churchhelly, etc.

Becoming a part of the Armenian culture and a kind of embodiment of hard work, kindness and health, exactly DOSHAB was chosen as the name for our online shop.

Dear visitors of our shop, you can kindly appreciate products and goods made by Armenian craftsmen and companies, that carry a piece of the sun and the warmth of the Armenian lands:

  • Mulberry doshab, pomegranate osharak (narsharab) from Armenian producers.
  • Dried and candied fruits, alani and other sweets, made of natural fruits and vegetables, cultivated exceptionally on the territory of the Armenian Highland and retaining the taste and beneficial properties due to ancient Armenian recipes.
  • Handmade carpets, with national and classical ornament made with Armenian double knot weaving technique, coming to us from ancient times.
  • Watches “Nikolay” and “Arami”, assembled from quality materials on the basis of Japanese and Swiss movements. The main feature of “Arami” watches is their dials, hand-made from flower petals, wings of butterflies, pieces of wood, of which the most different mosaic images are made.
  • Souvenir production made of obsidian, ecologically pure and durable dishes made of clay, wood and genuine leather products, etc.
  • Canned vegetables and jams, mineral water, and other products from leading Armenian brands.
  • Natural oils derived from grape, apricot, and pomegranate seeds, rose petals, for face and body care.
  • Armenian cigarettes.
  • Objects of Art: paintings and sculptures.

We are pleased to note, that in our online shop you will find everything to decorate your holiday table, you can choose a gift for yourself or a beloved one, emphasize your image, create comfort in your house and, finally, maintain the health and mood of yourself and your dearest people.

Delivery of the entire assortment is carried out from Armenia within the shortest possible terms.

We wish you all a good shopping!

To Armenian craftsmen and companies, for distribution of products and goods in the Russian market: info@doshab.ru.