Mulberry Doshab

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Mulberry Doshabuseful Information

Mulberry doshab - a national remedy for cough

useful information

«Doshab» offers to buy a really national remedy for cough, mulberry doshab, which is a syrup, and branches reaching to the sky and the warm sun Armenianby the long digestion of berries of white mulberry (white mulberry), with no added sugar. At all times, the white mulberry was considered to be the «Queen of berries», whereas the mulberry tree is revered as the «Life tree», with its roots stretching deep into the earth, and branches reaching to the sky and the warm Armenian sun. So this is why its fruits possess all the magical powers against evil and diseases. This fruit contains fructose, glucose, malic and citric acids, tannins, a large number of microelements, vitamins, carotene and other nutrients. Preparation of doshab in Armenia is an ancient ritual, carefully passing on from generation to generation. Doshab is a real pride of the sunny land, because it has beenused as a general health-improving remedysince ancient times. Once for good reason Alexander the Great, the King of all Kings, who made his triumph campaign to India and visited this blessed land (Armenia), spoke about Armenian doshab to be a wonderful and amazing drink. Its useful properties and benefits are really tested and proven by time. For many centuries the caring Armenian mothers have been treating their children with this amazing national cough syrup. High quality mulberry doshab has rather thick, fairly dense structure, similar to natural honey, but at the same time it is dark, oily, and despite the absence of sugar, is very sweet and full of taste nuances. In previous years, this popular cough syrup, prepared according to national recipe, was practically impossible to get. Yet today, to purchase doshab is fairly easy, thanks to the online store of products and goods from Armenia. The offered national cough syrup is no more than a skillful combination of ancient traditions and latest technologies, in the result of which it became quite possible to freely buy this remedy full of healing properties. You will quickly get rid of the severe cough after you have boought doshab. The mulberry doshab is successfully used in culinary. It is perfectly combined with bread, is mixed with butter and added to tea, as well as a superb dessert, called mulberry doshab with ice, is made. Egg dishes, salads, and meat dishes are spiced with doshab. It is activity used as a concentrate for producing all kinds of desserts, such as halva, churchkhela, sharots, sujuk. Order this ancient national remedy for cough and at the same time an excellent product, and along with the enormous healing and culinary capabilities, you will get a piece of Armenian soul, enclosed in this magical syrup by many generations.